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Happy children learn better! This is the strong belief with which the entire team of Whizz Kidzs works towards imparting education with meaning to the children. This has made Whizz Kidzs one of India’s fastest growing abacus and vedic maths education centers. With our highly motivated, talented and extensively trained team of abacus and vedic maths experts, we are proud to have made a positive difference to thousands of children who have undergone training with us.      

In today’s extremely fast paced world even children cannot escape the stress and demands of the high levels of competition. Especially Mathematics and numbers bring a lot of fear and dread to a lot of young minds. It is the our aim to provide them training in methods which would make them get over the fear of Maths and make numbers the friends they would love to play with!

Make the fear of numbers vanish from your child’s life !! With  proper guidance and tools, children as young as 6 years are capable of mastering mathematical skills and calculating ability that will yield benefits that last a lifetime. Our training helps in developing the mental calculation abilities and promoting intuitive thinking along with problem solving capability in the child. We wish to prepare the children for the challenges of a hugely competitive world.

A child trained with us will have positive impact in the following areas:
Improved memory recall and retention Faster calculation speed
Better listening skills Love for numbers
Better concentration Better mental calculation ability