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Turn your child's fear of numbers into joy of numbers. Give them the Whizz Kidzs edge.

The pioneers of a teaching process consisting of an innovative mix of Abacus, Vedic Maths and Finger Maths

1 Faster calculations speed.
2 Turns fear of numbers into love of numbers.
3 Better concentration thus improved learning across all subjects.
4 Improved memory.
5 Better visualization skills.
1 Highly motivated, talented and trained team of teachers.
2 Creators of a happy environment for kids to learn better.
3 Pioneered a tri-pronged teaching methodology for all our programs to ensure that students understand.
4 Highly experienced; over 20,000 children trained.
5 Partnered with some of Mumbai's most prestigious schools.
Imagine we human beings perform a minimum of 7-10 calculations per week if you can calculate approximately 10 times faster, the sheer amount of time you could save in life.
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